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Spring is…


By Yadira

Spring is soft petals.

Spring is flowers and roses.

Spring is birds and running water.

Spring is popcorn and soup.

Spring is colorful flowers growing.

Spring is beautiful.

Spring is…


By Rosel

Spring is leaves falling down.

Spring is a sandwich.

Spring is the waves moving.

Spring is leaves growing.

Spring is going to the park.

Spring is…


By Atharv

Spring is flowers and trees.

Spring is chocolate dessert.

Spring is bees and flies.

Spring is fresh cheese and watermelon.

Spring is a fountain and a waterfall.

Spring is sunny days and warm weather.

Happiness is Pink


By Darlina

Happiness is pink.

Wind blowing,



Blue sky,

Happiness feels like flowers.

Spring is…


By T.J.

Spring is wet rain.

Spring is a breeze.

Spring is birds chirping.

Spring is carrots.

Spring is flowers.

Spring is lovely because flowers come alive.

Spring is…


By Max

Spring is flowers and trees.

Spring is roses and cookies.

Spring is birds singing.

Spring is fresh fruit.

Spring is flowers blooming.

Spring is wonderful and beautiful.

Things I Do


By Ignacio

I run like a lion.

I swim like a dolphin.

I jump like a kangaroo.

I am strong like a gorilla.

I climb like a bear.

Spring is…


By Chris 

Spring is warm water.

Spring is cherries.

Spring is birds tweeting.

Spring is sweet oranges.

Spring is the sun shining.

Spring is flowers and birds.

My Animal Poem


By Andrew

I’m good like a cat in a house.

I’m bad like a dog in a farm.

I’m fast like a cheetah in the grasslands.

I’m slow like a turtle in the ocean.

I can read like a lion in a cage.

I’m loud like a dinosaur in a jungle.

I’m quiet like a snail when they see us.

Happiness is Pink


By Andrea

Happiness is pink.

Birds singing ,


Chocolate ice cream,

A rainbow.

Happiness feels like a dog’s fur.

Things I Do


By Sarah

I crawl like a dog inside my house.

I am fast as a cat outside my house.

I am as smart as a computer in my mom’s bedroom.

I eat slow like a snail in my living room.

I jump like a kangaroo in the jungle.

I bounce like someone holding me.

Happiness is Pink


By Marie 

Happiness is pink.

The water moving, birds chirping,

Flowers and perfume,

Vanilla ice cream,

Flowers and butterflies,

Happiness feels like the sun shining.

Happiness is Blue


By Stefanie

Happiness is blue.

A puppy barking and birds singing.

Pizza and flowers.

Pears and apples.

Butterflies and trees.

Happiness feels like puppies.

My Animal Poem


By Ashley

I am fast like a tiger in the zoo.

I am smart like an owl at school.

I dance like a fish in the ocean.

I crawl like a lizard.

I swim like a shark in the ocean.

I am good like a cat at home.

Spring is…


By Olivia

Spring is smooth petals.

Spring is daisies.

Spring is birds singing.

Spring is a burger on the barbeque.

Spring is animals having babies.

Spring is fun vacations.

Spring is…


By Graham

Spring is flowers blooming and trees.

Spring is clean air and new flowers.

Spring is bees and wind.

Spring is honey and candy.

Spring is new leaves and pretty flowers.

Spring is playing outside.

I am an Animal


By Diego 

I am fast like a lion in the jungle.

I sleep like a dog in a dog house.

I read like a computer at home.

I climb like a squirrel outside.

I am quiet like a snail in the grass.

I am loud like a gorilla in the forest.

Spring is…


by Sebastian

Spring is a shining sun.

Spring is green apples.

Spring is a duck quacking.

Spring is a watermelon.

Spring is the blue sky.

Spring is green leaves.